800.963.0311 Cruisingpower and expresso Individual or group TPI help Dennis. Rena. Carmen Denali Fairbank Galapogos Group savings Secondary Phone Field Make a booking Tpi second my secondary # first Celebrity has no way to look up individual performance. Use your secondary phone field for top selling agents Inaugural invites. In the cruise and group form Selling travel partner. Get credit extraly. Subs no secondary phone # Tpi groups advantage. Savr $1000 per person. Save clients $s. Blocked space. Sil mar 19 $2380 TPI$1569 Sep 2019 4454 3474 Aug 19 Edge $6059 3709 Group space can be fit Tpicent cruise and group tab
Group Amenity points w food 3 points GAP Points Every group Onboard credits $400 per cabin??? 6 gap points Specialty dining for everyone Dedicated sales manager Maybe additional gap points Fundraiser. Affinity Groups Do not spend wheels trying to event something not there. Wheel spinner and time wasters. Qualifu guest and group. Nonprofits Stanard way or gap points 501 c3 needs to be provided, but reach out to Dave first. Maximum number of staterooms 16 w/o deposit
Check Dec or Jan fir 2020 Age base 40+