Welcome to the Overwater Bungalows newsletter for October 2018

When discussing overwater resorts, some travelers might instantly think of the beautiful overwater bungalows found on various islands within the South Pacific. However, more often than not, travelers will start thinking about the dozens of tropical overwater resorts found within the Maldives. If you are not familiar with the Maldives, it is a country situated in the Indian Ocean that is made up of 26 different atolls, which all together, house over 1,000 islands. In an almost other worldly fashion, the overwater resorts here impress daily with lots of activities, fantastic snorkeling, and fresh seafood. 

Because the Maldives truly does offer so many reasons to visit, we're devoting this newsletter to the different types of resorts that have colonized this region. As you read below, you'll find articles that touch on some of the more popular reasons to vacation on an island, along with a list of the Maldives resorts that cater best to each particular reason.


Overwater villa resorts in the Maldives and how they cater to you

Maldives water villa resorts with surfing

It is without doubt that the Maldives is a fantastic destination for world class snorkeling and scuba diving, but did you know that it's also a great choice for surfing? In fact, there are a few resorts that cater to those looking for a surf trip, and we outline those in this list. Also something to note is that the surf season here is a bit all over the place. This is because the Maldives is so large, and the resorts are spread over thousands of kilometers, with some situated below the equator. Luckily, the surf isn't much of anything during the busiest months of the year here, meaning that you won't have to pay top dollar for good surf.

Adults-only Maldives: Water villa resorts with no children

As of now, there is only one resort in the Maldives that bans children of all ages from staying there but there are a lot of resorts that rarely see any children. With this said, it should be noted that there are many Maldives resorts that ban children under the age of 12 or so in their overwater villas, which thus restricts them and their parents to the land based rooms, if any are available. This allows honeymooning couples and travelers in general who wish to vacation without children around, the luxury to do so. If you are looking to travel with little ones, then you'll want to continue reading our newsletter for the topic below.

Editor's Choice - 6 Best all-inclusive Maldives water villa resorts

A wonderful option for visitors who rather not have to pay for meals each and every time they eat, all-inclusive means that everything is included in the nightly rate. This allows you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation with your wallet tucked away knowing that you've already paid ahead of time. The resorts listed on this list are on the expensive side, and are considered luxury resorts. This means that not only are the rooms impressive, but the meal options and activities as well.

Cheapest Maldives water villas with glass floors

Typically speaking, when you browse through the overwater bungalow and villa resorts around the world, you'll find that most offer some sort of private deck (no matter the size) where you can appreciate a nice water view. But what about taking that up to the next level with a water view from inside your room? This is exactly what you'll find with a glass floor cutout. These cutouts allow you to view the watery world underneath your villa while you sit comfortably dry inside.

Editor's Choice- 6 Best Maldives water villa resorts with private pools

There are many ways an overwater villa can impress, but perhaps the best way to impress is with a private pool. If you love the idea of relaxing next to (or in) a private deck pool while overlooking a lagoon or ocean, then the Maldives is the perfect location for you. On this list, you'll find 6 fantastic and highly rated luxury resorts that aim to please with top-notch amenities both inside and outside of your room.

Editor's Choice: 6 Best Maldives water villa resorts for families

Typically, those who are visiting the Maldives don't bring their family with them, but if you do plan to travel with children in tow, you'll find that these 6 resorts do a great job of catering to young travelers with kid friendly options and amenities. For example, each of the resorts listed offers a kid's club which houses games for different ages. Because these resorts do differ in nightly rates and adult amenities, you'll want to look through the other amenities offered to make sure that your choice is the best choice for you as well as your children.